1. Robert Said
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Composed, recorded and Produced by Phil Carmen at Picar Studio in Stein am Rhein, Switzerland in 1991/92. Released by Hypertension Music in Germany in 1992.


Robert Said

Music: Phil Carmen
Lyrics: Simon D. Sanders

Robert Said – he’d be back soon
A silence fell around the living-room
In our home out at the toll-bridge
Near by the river

It was in the winter Ma and Pa passed on
I lost my heart to – Sally-Joan
But Robert - I didn’t know it then,
Had gone and lost his too

Oh Brother now you’ve gone away
I’m feeling bad
After all these years – coma back again
Home’s down by the river

As Robert said “be good to her”
I missed the meaning in his final words
Oh – now I know – he loved her like I do

As Robert said, I’m gonna travel around
Find a good woman and settle down
An honest alibi disguised
To cover pain and pride

Oh Brother now ......

As Robert wrote me home a year ago
Saying doing fine down in Mexico
Just then – I read between the lines

Oh Brother now .....

Gone away, feeling bad
After all these years – come back again