1. Home Is..
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Produced and Recorded by Phil Carmen at Picar Studio in Stein am Rhein, Switzerland in Summer 1987. Released in Europe in Fall 1987.


Home is

Music by Phil Carmen, Lyrics by Simon D. Sanders

A cold November day
My thoughts are far away
Between the ancient streets
The smell of home fires
Slowly burning down

I can sense I yearning
And I’m getting restless
no, I can’t explain it
Home is....

The busy City Life
Has touched somewhere inside
In some metropolis
Vibrating, constant entertainment
It’s pure excitement
Under a single Sky-Line
With every king od Side-Line
Of a One-night Concert
Home is....

I’m here in Nowhere Land
Between a One-Night Stand
I feel complacency
Although I’m full of contradiction
That I mistook for wisdom
But now that I’ve discovered
Home is.. where the heart is
And with your heart I’m staying
Home is....
And with your heart I’m staying

Home is....

Summer 1987