Phil was born in 1953 and grew up in Switzerland. At eight years of age he joined a Church Choir and at nine he started playing guitar. He founded and played in different Rock Bands during the sixties and at nineteen he began a 4 year study of classical music at the Conservatory in Lucerne.

After playing in several local bands during the seventies he and Mike Thompson opened their own studio. Phil recorded local artists and played and produced the music to the movie “The Wolfer”, the only “Western” that was ever made in Switzerland. In the late seventies Mike and Phil founded the Duo “Carmen and Thompson”. Even though very successful, mostly in the Mediterranean Area, they were doomed to play a lot of Play-Back and Lip-Syncing TV Shows and after two albums “Time moves on” and “No chance- romance” they split up in 1981 but have remained very good friends since.

While seeking for a new Record Company, Phil first released two solo albums on his own. “Backfire” and “Phrases, Pattern and Shades”. During that time he teamed up with lyricist Simon D. Sanders. A longtime friendship and collaboration was born.Phil Carmen musician

He opened his first commercial Recording Studio in 1983 and armed with a new Record Deal in Germany in 1984 he released the album “Walking the dog” with the hit single “On my way in L.A.” The success in Germany spread out and the album was released in many Countries. The follow up album “Wise Monkeys” reached # 1 Hit status and Live Concerts throughout Europe followed. He continued to produce Albums and playing live until 1995.

Phil always enjoyed playing with well known talented musicians. He produced Albums with Double “Captain of your heart”, Nena “Wunder geschehn”, Roberta Flack “For Ever” – he worked with great musicians like Jerry Donahue, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Keiser Brothers, Dick Morrissey, Pick Withers, Steve Gadd, Richard T, Ed Galle and many more.

In 1995 he moved with his new family to South Florida

“Skin You’re In” by Phil Carmen / Album: “Gold in my Hand”